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What I Learned Today

IE Not Supporting WinXP

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Well, it's not much, but that is what I've learned today.

Starting with Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft will drop support for Windows XP, which according to usage data is still the OS used by close to 50% of the internet user base. As people from Firefox (which supports XP even in the newest release, FF 4) say, "it's more work to support XP (e.g. Direct3D instead of Direct2D has to be used) but we can't simply leave out half of the users".

I do think anyway, that if people never start not supporting XP it will be hard to move away from it. And for a OS that is almost 10 years old that would not be a bad thing. Another good thing, for users wanting to move away from resource-hungry Vista/7, is trying out one of the many Linux distros out there. Among those what I really suggest is running Ubuntu Netbook Remix on a not so performing netbook or even a normal or an older laptop. For anyone that doesn't need to run Autocad or anything like that there is no reason not to do it.


Mains frequency can vary

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I 've always thought the mains frequency, either 50 or 60Hz in most parts of the world, as one of those things that don't really change.

Today I was testing the software for an oscilloscope and more precisely a light-sensitive trigger, which is supposed to trigger a signal following the frequency of a flashing light. As I tested with an office lamp this frequency was naturally 50Hz in my case.

Inputting a 50Hz sine wave into the oscilloscope I got a "almost" steady waveform, in a sense that the triggering rate was "exactly" the same as the waveform frequency. In reality to really get it stable I had to tune the input frequency continuously, though only slightly. In a few minutes I went around the range 50.001-50.003Hz.

A quick Google suggested typical values for "mains frequency tolerance" is +-1% i.e. about 0.5Hz. In my case it looks like they did a good job.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 March 2011 01:22

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