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Proxing a cybercrime? Not too remote a possibility

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I've often wandered who would be willing to "donate" his or her own computer to work as a proxy. Proxies allow people to pretend they are surfing, accessing a website, etc. from a location which is different from their real one. It turns out people don't really do that willingly, as this interesting post describes. There is a public (but not free...) service on the web that lets you select where you would like to be (i.e. how the site you are trying to access/trick sees you), not clear is where or rather who the proxy computer actually is. The author of the post uncovered the identities of some of them, which turned out to be servers of sizeable companies and organizations, who were reportedly unaware of the "trade" that was going on with the computer systems. The fact that mainly businesses where being "rented" as proxies was also shown by the number of available proxies, which peaked during US (there are the mostly requested proxy locations) business hours.

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