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Firefox profile won't start

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I use profiles in Firefox extensively. I have a few profiles setup, for example one will open a single tag and go directly to my webmail address, another one will popup a few dictionaries, one would be for general use and one for testing. This is a very convenient and efficient way in my opinion, to start Firefox with a profile just use a command line like the following:

# this will start firefox with profilename
firefox -P profilename --no-remote

# this will present a list of available profiles to choose from (can also create new)
firefox -P --no-remote

In Linux (Gnome/KDE) a launcher can be created to call one of the above commands, very similar commands can also be used in Windows (create a link calling the above command, preferably with full path to firefox.exe).

Today I had no response when starting one of my profiles (other profiles working normally). Starting from terminal will produce no output at all, nor error messages anywhere in the system log. In the process list firefox would simply not appear. Tried logging out and back in (Gnome), before trying a full system restart I found out about Firefox safe mode, this is what solved my problem:

firefox --safe-mode -P troubledprofile --no-remote

Didn't tick any checkbox in the safe mode menu and Firefox ran as expected, except disabling some of the add-on. Closing Firefox and re-running in normal mode got everything back and running again!


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