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If you are trying to burn large files to DVD in Nautilus...

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Quick tips for those having troubles burning files larger than 4 GB to a DVD using Nautilus (GNOME default file manager) built-in DVD burning facilities. Since Nautilus would always fail with "unhandled error" when trying to burn such files (e.g. a large backup file to DVD, in my case a large container file created with truecrypt) I did some googling and found various reasons for this. I also found a quick solution, that is using k3b, a disc burner for KDE. On my system (OpenSUSE 11.0) I have both GNOME and KDE installed so I already had that program installed, if not you can probably easily get it from your software package manager (KDE programs will usually run on GNOME as well) or from the k3b website.

K3b did not complain for the large size, only warning that UDF support must be enabled to ensure compatibility for large files. It did so and the disc is perfectly usable under Linux, where I can mount the truecrypt container (have not tried on other OS).

Hope this help.


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