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LabVIEW Hide Scrollbars in Subpanel

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When we insert a VI inside a Subpanel on another VI's Front Panel we might not want to show the horizontal and vertical scrollbars at the side of the subpanel.

In LabVIEW 7 or earlier we could right-click the subpanel and enable/disable scrollbars. In later versions the internal management of scrollbars has changes, so the option is no longer available. Instead we need to see the property (scrollbars on/off) in the VI the subpanel will load. There are many ways to do this (for example VI Properties from File menu), a very handy one is right-click on the scrollbar in edit mode (front panel). Here we can choose whether we want to hide scrollbars all the time or only when running. Independent controls are available for horizontal and vertical.


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