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Goodbye Kodak Gallery

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Kodak Gallery, one of the once not so many "free" photo storage services, is closing down start of July. A piece of my digital life for me as it brings back memories of using it 6-7 years ago before I even signed up for a Gmail account (how could I live back then without Gmail and Picasa? In fact I did...). But seriously, how does the closure of a web service (yes Picasa could close too) relate to other examples from our "real" life? The closure of a shop down the road where we used to go when our mums told us so, that bike shops where I got my first bike. It certainly has something in common. For example the fact that as much we may look at it sentimentally it is usually better services that replace and push the older ones aside. More choice, freedom and customisation possibilities. My photos on kodakgallery.com all got deleted way before they decided to close the service. Reason was, a purchase was required once a year or so, in order to keep the account (and the photos) alive. Sure no other photo storage service will survive nowadays with such a requirement. The web has changed as much as the world, the real world, does and it is no surprise that shops are closed down and replaced. I still like to go to small shops and I hope some of them will survive, but they too have to change, find their own ways to survive by providing what other stores are incapable of. This is after all how history has evolved, only it has now dramatically accelerated, and this is for some people good enough a reason to cry about how good the world was sixty years ago.


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