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Keylogger on Samsung laptops - Or is it?

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According to this article there is a commercial software keylogger installed on brand new Samsung laptops. Or as it turns out now, it could be a false alarm. The company producing the security software that led to the "false positive" has apologized to Samsung and whomever may have been affected. While I don't know how this matter is going to work out I am not surprised such a piece of software (yes a "keylogger" is in fact a normal piece of software) could be found on a laptop. I've often wondered if all the security built around 30-char passwords could be only waste of time should such a tool find its way to our PC. It shouldn't take many days of "monitoring" to find and isolate that strange recurring sequence of alphanumeric characters (our super-secure password).

This leads me to think, is there really a secure authentication method? Fingerprint authentication looks good, but then aren't our fingerprints all over our laptops? It shouldn't take a huge effort to get a "copy" of them. Copying and pasting a password would bypass a keylogger, but then again, is the clipboard really hidden from an hypothetical malware? I suppose a combination of passwords, keyfiles and secret/hidden algorithms could provide a decent level of security, but who is really gonna go through all that?

Last Updated on Friday, 01 April 2011 14:28  

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